Welcome to IRL Audio. Based in Montreal Quebec, we pride ourselves on offering premier audio equipment and a straightforward and convenient rental service, we're glad you've chosen us! Before you embark on your audio journey, it's important to understand our rental policies:

Rental Duration & Transportation Fees: IRL Audio currently rents exclusively in Quebec, we will evaluate out of province rentals on a case by case basis.  We can ship to most adresses in Quebec with 1-2 business days, we charge a flat fee for shipping, selectable on the check-out cart.  Renters are responsible for return shipping costs as well as any losses or damages during the transit period, we highly recommend shipping with a tracking number.  We will not charge rental during the shipping period, however the renter must be able to provide proof that the items were shipped back at the end of the rental period. 

Discrepancies & Mistakes: Received the wrong or a defective item? Inform us immediately about any issues with your order or any damages. We will rectify any issues swiftly. Should we be unable to do so, you have the option to send back the rented items promptly for a full refund. However, if not informed about any such issues within 24 hours post the equipment's receipt, you, the renter, will be accountable for all expenses related to lost or malfunctioning items, including rental charges and additional repair costs. The renter is responsible and must all cover costs if the malfunction occurs due to damage during the rental period.  IRL Audio will determine wether the equipment can be repaired or must be replaced.

Order Cancellation: Change of plans? It's alright. You can cancel your orders by sending us an email at least 24 hours before 10:00 am of the predetermined shipping date. Any last-minute cancellations within 24 hours are susceptible to a fee, which can go up to 30% of the rental fee. Shipped equipment incurs the standard rental rate, and all shipping and insurance charges, up until it's returned to us.

Identification & Coverage Requirements: Prior to renting, you must furnish valid identification that matches the billing or shipping details of your rental. An Insurance Certificate or COI that covers potential damage or loss costs must be in place before we release any equipment. This certificate should recognize IRL Audio, as a key stakeholder. Furthermore, the renter must ensure the complete coverage of all rented items, considering their full replacement value, and any potential rental losses.

Theft Protocols: In the unfortunate event of theft, your rental charges persist until we receive a comprehensive police report. We offer a 10-day grace period post the submission of the police report. During this time, renters can either retrieve and return the stolen equipment or compensate for its replacement. Beyond this grace period, rental charges will recommence.

Using Equipment Abroad: Got an international assignment? Awesome! Our rented equipment complies with international laws and regulations. If you intend to use it outside Canada, notify us. We'll furnish all necessary details for customs clearance. Any delays caused by customs procedures will be billed at the daily rental rate.

Equipment Maintenance & Damages: We trust our renters to return equipment in its original state. However, any equipment returned with excessive dirt or labels will attract a cleaning fee. Damaged equipment costs, be it labor, parts, or shipping, will be charged to the renter. We urge renters not to attempt repairs, but in case of damage, we'll strive to replace the item swiftly.

Support: Our product catalogue, while professional, might not be intuitively user-friendly. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the equipment ahead of time. For any technical support, reach out during our working hours.

Urgent Deliveries: Need something urgently? Contact us by phone or email and we'll work something out

Payment Protocols: All renters must create an online customer profile with us. We accept payments online or through a quickbooks invoice sent by email.service