Audio Technica BP4025


The Audio-Technica BP4025 is a professional X/Y stereo field recording microphone built to capture ambient or distant sound sources without coloration. It is designed with two large-diaphragm capsule and provides broad, natural audio reproduction. The X/Y configuration ensures accurate stereo imaging, making it ideal for capturing musical performances, broadcasts, and sound effects. The robust design makes it an excelent tool for both studio and field applications.


  • Audio-Technica BP4025
  • Rycote InVision INV 7HG MKIII (Product Code: 041118)
  • Rycote 25mm BBG Windshield (Product Code: 021801)
  • Rycote BBG Windjammer (Product Code: 021801)
  • XLR5F - two XLRM + XLR5 10' extention cable

Replacement value: $1209 + taxes or market value